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"So, you are going to try to change the way people believe. That's a hard thing to do."

- Master in the Making

     Julie is a healer that continues her spiritual healing journey. Julie was once a skeptic of the power of spiritual healing, but is now a passionate supporter.

     Julie is an Author and has written the first leg of her spiritual healing experiences in “Master in the Making”. Julie intends on publishing “The Theory of 8”, which will be the second installment of her healing memoirs. “The Theory of 8” is an epic tale of a rebel rouser fueled by an attitude of “tell me I can’t and I will show you I can” and “do anything that it takes to heal”. It’s like a cold case file investigation of a soul’s long mission to achieve freedom and truth for herself and others.

     Julie is an intuitive healer that loves to touch, communicate with and explore that of which can’t be seen or explained with empirical evidence. Her first conscious memory of interacting with the other side was when her late Great Grandfather visited her at the age of six. Julie loves to help other people in search of change in their lives. Julie believes that it is the movement of energy that allows clients to facilitate their own healing. 

     Julie believes that every single person on the planet has the ability to tap into their own intuitive and psychic powers, it’s just a matter of making a choice to do so.

     If Julie could tell each person individually a message it would be that you can do anything and everything that you want to achieve – you just need to set your mind to it and do the work.

     Maybe just maybe one day Julie will change the way people believe.

Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson

"Possibly the Most Interesting Woman in the World..."

ZenBuzzys Founder, Author, Spiritual Alchemy Energy The Podcast Host, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healer, Medium, Channeler & Akashic Records Practitioner.


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How to Use Services

how to book a service ?

What is the process to book a service?

how do i add a service offering?

What is the process of adding a service to ZenBuzzys?

how to screen a service provider?

Whether you are buying a product, service, course, events, retreats at ZenBuzzys it is the responsibility of the user/buyer to do their own due diligence and research prior to purchasing. ZenBuzzys offers a user reviews purchases made by verified buyers. These reviews are not a guarantee expressed or implied that vendor offerings are recommended by ZenBuzzys. This system only helps buyers make an informed determination on the vendors and their services.  

what if I am not happy with a service?

You must contact the vendor about your issues . By having agreed to ZenBuzzys Terms & Conditions about purchases of any kind on ZenBuzzys all disputes must be directed to the vendor that you made the purchase from. Please note that all vendors on ZenBuzzys have their own store policies on how they handle grievances. If you have contacted the vendor and made valid attempts to resolve the issue and a remedy has not been agreed to, then you may contact customer service in order to have ZenBuzzys review the dispute. 

what kind of services can be offered?

ZenBuzzys is a Spiritual Marketplace & Community. There are various types of  healing modalities that can be offered online or in-person. ZenBuzzys reserves the right to remove any listing or vendor that offers inappropriate, illegal or unacceptable offerings or items. It is the responsibility of all buyers to do their due diligence prior to making any purchase from a vendor on ZenBuzzys.com. 

How do i report undesirable content?

It is the intentions of ZenBuzzys to be a safe, happy and fun Marketplace and Community, unfortunately there may be times that content by users and/or vendors may be an issue. It is ZenBuzzys policy to review any and all content on the website and if something slips by us please contact customer service, so that we may review the content. 

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